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Blacktee offers integrated technology design services for system integrators, architects, and building owners. We combine our extensive audio, video, and programming knowledge with our vast industry experience to offer complete technology design services. Our process goes from system concept to complete drawing packages using industry standard AutoCAD™ software. We work closely with your team to keep you involved every step of the way.

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Blacktee offers the highest level of control systems programming. Building on a strong understanding of how the systems are designed, we bring a clear vision of how users will interact. Our aim is to make complex systems simple, intuitive, and incredibly functional. We know AV control systems. Whether you have a Crestron, AMX or Extron system, we have the expertise to produce a high quality control program.

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Blacktee helps to bring everything together at the end of a project. Whether you are the architect, owner, or a integrated systems contractor, we can make sure the project closes right on target.

We put each system through extensive testing using industry standard instruments ensuring performance, reliability, and proper documentation. No longer be intimidated by a system specification, we can help you achieve it.

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